May 27 - 28, 2020 | Ottawa, Ontario



Although We Can't Be There, We're Glad You're Here!

Read on to learn more about our technologies to support naval operations.

Technologies on Display

1500 VA AC UPS Series 851 and 8531500 VA AC UPS Series 851 and 853
Leonardo DRS effectively addresses a wide range of naval surface warfare power conversion requirements. Our Tactical UPS units for use on board naval ships provide conditioned backup power to command, control, communication and navigation equipment.  Learn more

Automatic Deployable Flight Recorder (ADFR)Automatic Deployable Flight Recorder (ADFR)
The ADFR is a combined crash survivable Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) certified for Civil Air Transport Aircraft.

CPI 406 Deployable Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)CPI 406 Deployable Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
The CPI-406 is a crash survivable ELT with optional CVR & FDR memory designed for rotary wing aircraft.  Learn more

Shipboard Integrated Communication (SHINCOM) 3100Shipboard Integrated Communication (SHINCOM) 3100 Total Ship Communications
The SHINCOM 3100 all-digital Secure Voice System (SVS) integrates tactical and administrative, as well as voice and data communications. SHINCOM interfaces, controls and manages every aspect of internal and external communications. The system architecture ensures complete end-to-end Red/Black separation through all communication paths meeting TEMPEST and information assurance requirements. Multiple levels of built-in redundancy and internal battery back-up ensure continuity of communications in very adverse conditions. The SHINCOM 3100 terminal equipment enhances the abilities of both the commanders and the operators to communicate on multiple channels simultaneously without affecting their workload. These channels incorporate Two Ears - Four Voices® 3D spatial audio technology with radio noise reduction (RNR) and microphone noise reduction (MNR) algorithms that further minimize fatigue over long watches.  Learn more